[Piuparts-devel] piatti xen setup

Holger Levsen holger at layer-acht.org
Tue Oct 2 09:58:21 UTC 2007


On Saturday 29 September 2007 23:40, Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> Holger has been talking about piuparts only; I suggest things not be
> limited to that, since other tools may also be useful. 

Right, thanks for pointing that out.

> For example, 
> having someone set up regular runs of vlosuts on piatti to test various
> upgrade scenarios would not just be nice, it would be insanely great.

Again, thanks for pointing vlosuts out :)

Though for the beginning I would like to start with piuparts, just to have a 
narrower target. I've added vlosuts to http://wiki.debian.org/piuparts - so 
that we dont forget it.

(That wikipage also needs some cleanup and adding of new stuff.)

> I think that if Lucas can continue to run archive-wide piuparts tests it
> makes a lot of sense to use piatti for something else.


> Incidentally, the Univ. of Helsinki originally asked us to use the name
> piuparts.cs.helsinki.fi when referring to it, so that they get that
> little bit of recognition in exchange for hosting it.

Other them mentioning them in mails to d-d-a when we announce those new 
services and mentioning them on the website, I have no idea how to fulfill 
that request. Personally I like piatti.debian.org better, cause its shorter 
(Yay lazyness...) - and while I think I could overcome my lazyness, I'm not 
sure if that would help to promote the new uses (like vlosuts) of the 

> Another thing that might be nice to use piatti for is development of
> piuparts and other QA tools. Back when I developed piuparts, I spent a
> lot of time just waiting for test runs to complete.

Sure. In a xen instance you can install any software you want..

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