[Piuparts-devel] piuparts server packaging

Holger Levsen holger at layer-acht.org
Sun Jun 17 22:49:22 UTC 2012


On Sonntag, 17. Juni 2012, Andreas Beckmann wrote:
> What belongs to which package?

I hope the latest push to develop answers this. Please also see TODO.
> Who puts something into /etc?

/etc/piuparts/piuparts.conf currently belongs to master. I think that should 
be splitted in /etc/piuparts/master.conf and /etc/piuparts/slave.conf.. or?
> How does installation via update-piuparts-setup interfere with package
> installation?

It should not. Haven't tested myself yet again. But will do so after pushing 
the next commit :) Goldwasser uses it.

> I'd like to ship scripts*/ together with piuparts as these scripts are
> useful for standalone piuparts runs, too.

Right. Patches welcome ;)

> 3c0649bb5:
> this does not look correct:
>   dh_installman --sourcedir=debian/piuparts

but it seems to work...

> bc69493aa:
> readme-server.txt references /usr/sbin/slave_* without piuparts_ prefix

fixed, thanks.

> postinst:
> use homedirectory /var/lib/piuparts/$user
> s/grep >/dev/null/grep -q/


> don't use $user after the loop, just use $suser
> chown <user><COLON_not_full_stop><group>

Havent seen those?!

> WTF: rm -rf /var/lib/piuparts/htdocs
>   on every postinst configure?


I've also split it into piuparts-(master|slave) now and am a bit unsure about 
the slave package writing into the masters homedir... comments?

> postrm looks useless


> there are changes to update-piuparts-setup that seem incorrect

please send patches ;) (or I'll fix them later..)

> wasn't there a reason to keep the python modules in the piuparts
> package? especially if we decide to split out slave later ...

as piuparts doesnt actually use them, I only made the master+slave packages 
depend on piuparts-common.

> 5cf23a1f2ea:
> I don't agree to serving docs from piatti, the should come from the
> local instance (but there could be a link to the latest version on piatti)

isn't it that you just disagree with the commit message or did I miss 

> the doc_root needs cleanup and the parameter needs sanitized: a trailing
> slash is required
> and the $doc_root substitution should be replaced by ${doc_root} and
> there should be no slash following the }
> (just to have nice html without extra ////)

added to TODO.

	Holger, who really would like to see 0.45 in wheezy, with those 
		entries in TODO for 0.45 done ;) Guess that's not enough
		to find the time to get it done...

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