[Piuparts-devel] pull: feature/compute-urls

Andreas Beckmann debian at abeckmann.de
Mon Jun 18 19:54:09 UTC 2012

Andreas Beckmann (13):
      lib/conf: add get_mirror() method
      lib/conf: add get_distro() method
      lib/conf: add get_area() method
      lib/conf: add get_arch() method
      lib/conf: add get_{packages,sources}_url() methods
      lib/conf: get_packages_url(): add optional distro argument
      document mirror/distro/area/arch piuparts.conf settings
      p-m: compute the Packages file URL
      p-s: compute the Packages file URL
      p-r: compute the Packages and Sources file URLs
      p.conf: drop packages-url and sources-url
      remove documentation of packages-url, sources-url
      p.conf: move mirror to [global]

all with new shiny defaults :-)

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