[Piuparts-devel] pull: for-0.45

Holger Levsen holger at layer-acht.org
Wed Jun 20 13:26:02 UTC 2012


On Mittwoch, 20. Juni 2012, Andreas Beckmann wrote:
> Do we want to use debconf in the future? Do we need to?

for preseeding the slave package to set the master host to be used...

for preseeding master+slave, to define mirrors, archs, etc.

> If that is quite probable, we should not introduce a conffile now
> (instead ship it as a *.sample in docs - we don't work out-of-the-box at
> the moment).

/me nods

> * master/slave/report have cdn.debian.net as default mirror for fetching
> Packages
> * slave sets --mirror if one is given
> * piuparts uses --mirror option OR first from /etc/apt/sources.list OR
> cdn.debian.net

sounds good, except that piuparts will then never fall back to cdn.d.n as 
/etc/apt/sources.list will never be empty ;)


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