[Piuparts-devel] Bug#670150: Bug#670150: Candidate retest manager

Dave Steele dsteele at gmail.com
Sun Jun 24 02:59:15 UTC 2012

I've reworked retest-manager for a rebase to 'develop', removing
changes to slave idle and config defaults.


f91dd37 Update TODO - log rescheduling done
1ce857e Update master cron to run reschedule_oldest_logs often.
ae439a6 Add unit tests for reschedule_oldest_logs to unittest, for 'make check'
03837f5 Update conf file for new reschedule_oldest_logs
b0707eb Update README.txt for reschedule options.
957fd87 Replace reschedule_oldest_logs with an idle-savvy Python script
be57341 Add 'idle' as an option for the master-to-slave greeting.
ba91e84 Add idle-stamp support to piuparts-master

For comparison, see the feature/flexible-retest branch for some old
musings on running retest from the slave.

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