[Piuparts-devel] RFC: preview/distros.conf

Andreas Beckmann anbe at debian.org
Thu Feb 21 11:31:16 UTC 2013

Andreas Beckmann (10):
      lib/conf: add class DistroConfig
      p-m: use DistroConfig
      p-s: use DistroConfig
      p-r: use DistroConfig
      lib/conf: Config: drop get_sources_url()/get_packages_url()
      p: use DistroConfig
      distros.conf: add target-release
      lib/conf: DistroConfig: add support for target-release
      p: call 'apt-get -t <target-release>' if needed

Moving distro configuration to a separate config file, to allow really 
complex scenarios like

  lenny -> squeeze -> squeeze-backports -> wheezy-proposed-updates -> sid -> experimental

that need multiple different mirrors :-)

Unfortunately adds a dependency on piupartslib to piuparts.py

Anyway, this would allow anyone to test lenny->squeeze->wheezy :-)

Needs more documentation, changelog enries, closed bugs, ...
and config updates.


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