[Piuparts-devel] lib/db: sort packages returned by reserve() by importance

Dave Steele dsteele at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 18:07:30 UTC 2013

     def _find_packages_ready_for_testing(self):
-        return self.get_pkg_names_in_state("waiting-to-be-tested")
+        if self._candidates_for_testing is None:
+            package_names = self.get_pkg_names_in_state("waiting-to-be-tested")
+            if len(package_names) > 1:
+                self.calc_rrdep_counts()
+                tuples = [(self.get_package(pn).waiting_count(),
random.random(), pn)
+                        for pn in package_names]
+                self._candidates_for_testing = [self.get_package(x[2])
+                        for x in sorted(tuples, reverse = True)]
+            else:
+                self._candidates_for_testing = [self.get_package(pn)
+                        for pn in package_names]
+        return self._candidates_for_testing

I've been wanting to do this, but was worried about conversations re
the delay in calc_rrdep_counts(). Note that it may be sped up ~2X for
smaller package_names lists by saving rrdep_list and moving some of
the calculation logic to e.g. waiting_count().

Maybe more - the algorithm will weed out the high-rdep packages early.

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