[Piuparts-devel] pull for-holger

Holger Levsen holger at layer-acht.org
Mon Jan 21 12:15:14 UTC 2013

Hi Andreas,

im principle I like these patches, I just wonder if we can come up with a way 
that we can easily track when a bug for which we implemented a workaround, has 
been fixed. 

I slightly fear that you're adding a lot of workarounds to get better results 
(which is great) and then - _maybe_ - you go missing some day and noone tracks 
these bugs anymore..

On Montag, 21. Januar 2013, Andreas Beckmann wrote:
> Andreas Beckmann (20):
>       Revert "TODO - slave_cleanup-sort mounts so that subdirs are umounted
> first." p-s: drop undocumented internal use of slave-directory config key
> p: call dpkg-deb with --nocheck to allow bad version numbers p: pass
> unqualified package names to apt-cache show
>       pre_install_exceptions: handle bootcd-ia64/squeeze
>       pre_remove_50_find_missing_copyright: add some exceptions
>       pre_remove_50_find_bad_permissions: exceptions for lenny and squeeze

this one doesnt refer a bug in the BTS..?!

>       pre_install_exceptions: prepare for adding more lenny exceptions
>       pre_install_exceptions: lenny: preseed dash for deterministic upgrade
>       pre_install_exceptions: lenny: install undeclared dependencies
>       pre_install_exceptions: lenny: prefer inn over cnews
>       pre_distupgrade_exceptions: purge cnews before upgrading to wheezy
>       pre_distupgrade_exceptions: lenny: preseed crm114 for clean upgrades
>       post_distupgrade_squeeze-fake-essential: work around #601961
>       post_setup_squeeze-fake-essential: using wwwconfig-common during
> purge post_setup_squeeze-fake-essential: using octave3.0 during purge
> post_setup_squeeze-fake-essential: using defoma during purge
> pre_remove_50_find_missing_copyright: exceptions for lenny
>       p-a: add support for magic "$DISTRO/None" versions
>       p.conf: new global config setting: slave-directory

that said, merged+pushed to develop+piatti and running there.

thanks + cheers,

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