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Bernhard Janetzki bernhard at janetzki.eu
Sun Apr 19 12:13:05 UTC 2015

On 18 Apr 2015, at 23:44, Holger Levsen <holger at layer-acht.org> wrote:
> I don't see why we should keep compability with python 2, instead of just
> moving to python 3. (At least long term. To ease transition and merging of
> bits it might be clever to start with some patches with work for both. Dunno
> really.)
> The only requirement is that piuparts keeps working with stuff in Debian
> stable, as this is what's running on piuparts.debian.org.

ACK, that was my intention as is started to work on the piuparts code.
Bring in small changes to the py 2 codebase to make a transition to py3 easy in the long run.

>> * tested a deb file with piuparts.py
>> * passed the tests. As far as i can see unittests.py is no longer needed?
>> Can we remove it?
> why not use them in the test target instead? seems better to me.

What’s the test target and how can i use it?

>> # Env changes
>> I created a tox.in file and adapted the “make check” command.
> ?

With tox you can test agains multiple python versions. You define the versions you want to test agains in a file called “tox.ini".
Instead of calling “nosetests" you call the command “tox” which, in our case, calls nosetests with py34 and py27.


> TBH, I'm not really knowledgable about python3 at all, so I cannot comment on
> many of the changes. Luckily there are more piuparts developers than me and
> I'd also trust stuff signed by Paul T. But so it would be really good to split
> patches as much as sensible (so I can more quickly merge "easy" commits) and
> maybe it would be proper to use (an) extra branch(s) for (parts(?)) of the
> python3 transition too.
> (develop is where all the development takes place and which is run 99% of the
> time on piuparts.d.o - master always at a released stage.)

I think to start with a new py3 branch on your side is the way to go.

Bye, Boerni

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