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Holger Levsen holger at layer-acht.org
Sun Apr 19 12:30:32 UTC 2015

Hi Bernhard,

On Sonntag, 19. April 2015, Bernhard Janetzki wrote:
> > The only requirement is that piuparts keeps working with stuff in Debian
> > stable, as this is what's running on piuparts.debian.org.
> ACK, that was my intention as is started to work on the piuparts code.
> Bring in small changes to the py 2 codebase to make a transition to py3
> easy in the long run.

> > why not use them in the test target instead? seems better to me.
> What’s the test target and how can i use it?

sorry, I ment the "check" target in Makefile. so "make check" is what you need 
to run.
> With tox you can test agains multiple python versions. You define the
> versions you want to test agains in a file called “tox.ini". Instead of
> calling “nosetests" you call the command “tox” which, in our case, calls
> nosetests with py34 and py27.

cool! Looking forward to the patch :)
> https://github.com/ierror/piuparts/blob/develop/tox.ini

because I only see aa6e5865 in that branch, and that had "WIP" in the commit 
message, so I didnt consider it. Please do send a specific patch for this 

> I think to start with a new py3 branch on your side is the way to go.

well, please just do it. Start from a fresh develop branch...


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