[Piuparts-devel] Missing depends on lsb-base, need your help

Santiago Vila sanvila at unex.es
Fri Oct 14 10:08:35 UTC 2016

On Sat, 8 Oct 2016, Andreas Beckmann wrote:

> On 2016-10-08 12:37, Santiago Vila wrote:
> > However, I discovered these missing dependencies by building packages,
> > an environment in which I don't really want to run services.
> > 
> > If they are run after all, and I didn't exclude any essential package
> > from my chroot, then there must be a bug somewhere in addition to the
> > missing dependency on lsb-base (this "somewhere" includes debian-policy,
> > or some specification to build packages which is still not written
> > anywhere).
> > 
> > What am I missing?
> I don't know how your build setup looks like, but it does start
> services. I use pbuilder, and it has created policy-rc.d in my chroots.
> from #839807:
> Removing unicorn (5.0.1-2) ...
> invoke-rc.d: could not determine current runlevel
> /etc/init.d/unicorn: 19: .: Can't open /lib/lsb/init-functions
> invoke-rc.d: initscript unicorn, action "stop" failed.
> from piuparts:
>   Removing unicorn (5.0.1-2) ...
>   invoke-rc.d: could not determine current runlevel
>   invoke-rc.d: policy-rc.d denied execution of stop.

So: What's the package enabling this policy-rc.d thing?

My build setup is made of essential and build-essential packages only,
as stated by policy.

It seems that services (the ones provided by build-dependencies) are
not supposed to start while a package is being built, but on the other
hand there is not any essential or build-essential package to avoid that.

Should we change the definition of build-essential, or maybe packages
build-depending on packages starting services should build-depend
as well on whatever package avoids the services to be started?


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