[Piuparts-devel] first batch for 0.77

Andreas Beckmann anbe at debian.org
Sun Mar 12 23:08:21 UTC 2017

Andreas Beckmann (14):
      start with 0.77
      p, p-s: refactor quote_spaces() into command2string()
      p: pass the full chroot state to restore_selections
      p: factor out Chroot.get_state_meta_data()
      p: rename Chroot.save_meta_data() to Chroot.get_tree_meta_data()
      p: get rid of ancient variable name root_info
      p-r: plot all states
      p-r: mark obsolete states with parentheses in the plot label
      p-r: cope with increasing number of states
      lib/db: add 'outdated' state
      p: install fake essential packages without running custom scripts
      p: only warn on broken symlinks after installing the dependencies
      scripts-broken-symlinks: "fix" some broken symlinks
      p.conf.anbe: use scripts-broken-symlinks for [sid-bl]

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