[Piuparts-devel] using changes in the uninstallable set to trigger piuparts retesting

Andreas Beckmann anbe at debian.org
Mon Mar 13 09:31:52 UTC 2017

Hi Ralf,

the following task should be rather easy with DOSE: getting a list of
uninstallable packages in sid. (And doing the same for sid/contrib and
sid/non-free, each separately.)

For piuparts I'd want to use this to immediately reschedule the tests
for packages entering and leaving the uninstallable set.
This would be a cron job running 4 times a day between the mirror pushes ...

I'm not that much interested in the freshly uploaded packages, but
rather in the "collateral damage" done to other packages by invalidating
some versioned dependency. (I requested a binNMU of why today, after it
got broken by an upload of frama-c-base in January.)


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