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Wed Feb 13 10:56:13 GMT 2019

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<h01ger> | hi. it seems we need another amd64 slave for piuparts soon. if you look at https://piuparts.debian.org/overview.html you'll see 3 suites falling behind (yellow parts of the graph = waiting to be tested), which is okish atm, but will get worse once we start testing bullseye...
<@jcristau> can we make this stuff run on somebody else's hardware? 
<@jcristau> it seems like something that'd benefit from cloud, is a pain to run on own hw, and doesn't actually require any trust that requires own hw
<h01ger> | sure
<@jcristau> assuming current codebase, we could still spin up a vm on gcp or aws and use that as a slave right?
<h01ger> | yes


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