[Pkg-acpi-devel] Bug#502704: Bug#502704: Bug#502704:

Michael Meskes meskes at debian.org
Fri Oct 31 10:44:49 UTC 2008

On Fri, Oct 31, 2008 at 11:20:44AM +0100, Loïc Minier wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 31, 2008, Loïc Minier wrote:
> >      MODPROBE_OPTIONS in the acpid init script.  This is only set if
> >  VERBOSE is false.
>  Actually I dropped that part when rewriting the init script; any idea
>  what could set MODPROBE_OPTIONS for you?

I think we should keep the "|| true" in the init script anyway, because it
seems awkward to not start the daemon because a module is not loading and at
the same time not even printing an error message.

I would propose to upload a new package with these two changes, so it can start
migrating into Lenny.

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