[Pkg-acpi-devel] Bug#564169: Bug#564169: acpi-support should depend on rfkill

Michael Meskes meskes at debian.org
Tue Jan 12 15:15:31 UTC 2010

> Put yourself into the position of a user: They install acpi-support because
> someone told them it will make the Thinkpad's special buttons work.
> They press Fn-F5, but nothing happens. They look into the system logs:
> nothing. They conclude that acpi-support does not support Fn-F5.
> Your fix will not really help that user.

True. But don't forget that your package manager will tell you about rfkill, so
you could have installed it.

> The simplest thing would be to just depend on rfkill. I understand that not
> all laptops will need it, but then again, it's small ;-). The problem with

Doesn't really matter, it is not a dependendecy. :-)

> If depending on rfkill is not possible, I'd suggest:
> * Explain in the package description where rfkill is needed:
> "Install rfkill to enable toggling WLAN on Thinkpad laptops."

No, this will bloat the description. I don't think this is acceptable either. I
think the best place to put this is

> * Put some hint into ibm-wireless.sh about rfkill, e.g.:
> Replace
> test -x /usr/sbtest -x /usr/sbin/rfkill  || exit 0
> with
> if (! test -x /usr/sbin/rfkill)
> then
> logger "Error: Please install package rfkill to enable toggling of wireless
> devices." ;exit 0
> fi

This sounds good. 

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