[Pkg-alsa-devel] Re: Sponsoring alsa-tools and joining the Debian ALSA team

Mikael Magnusson mikma@users.sourceforge.net
Mon, 30 May 2005 21:43:10 +0200

Jordi Mallach wrote:
> Hi Mikael,
> I just checked my debian-alsa archive and found a mail from you months
> ago asking for help to get alsa-tools in the archive. We never replied,
> apparently, so please accept our excuses for that!
> The main purpose of this mail is, of course, to fix that. :)
> Thomas and I think the best place for your package would be the Debian
> ALSA repository, and we'll be happy of having you joining the team.
> If you don't feel so thrilled about "giving away" your package as soon
> as it's finally sponsored (all ALSA packages have the team as the
> Maintainer these days), maybe I could help you with traditional
> sponsoring for a while, but I really think that the package belongs in
> the same repository as -driver and friends.
> Of course, the offer to join the team would mean that you can help with
> other more general ALSA packaging work. Thomas would be very happy to
> get extra hands with handling bug forwarding to the ALSA BTS, for
> example, as that's time consuming.
> Tell us what you think, and let me know if you want alsa-tools to go
> into experimental with the rest of the 1.0.9 uploads that will be
> happening in the following days.
> Thanks,
> Jordi (and Thomas, although he sleeps right now ;)

I don't mind having the team as the maintainer, and the package in the 
ALSA archive. I'm using svn locally for the alsa-tools package, and if 
you are interested it might be possible to import my repository, or 
maybe it is best to import version 1.0.9 only?

I have uploaded alsa-tools version 1.0.9-1 to Mentors that I think can 
go into experimental. Some manual pages are missing though.

I'm interested in joining the Debian ALSA team. How should I proceed?

Mikael Magnusson