[Pkg-alsa-devel] Sponsoring alsa-tools and joining the Debian ALSA team

Jordi Mallach jordi@sindominio.net
Sat, 28 May 2005 01:33:49 +0200

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Hi Mikael,

I just checked my debian-alsa archive and found a mail from you months
ago asking for help to get alsa-tools in the archive. We never replied,
apparently, so please accept our excuses for that!

The main purpose of this mail is, of course, to fix that. :)
Thomas and I think the best place for your package would be the Debian
ALSA repository, and we'll be happy of having you joining the team.

If you don't feel so thrilled about "giving away" your package as soon
as it's finally sponsored (all ALSA packages have the team as the
Maintainer these days), maybe I could help you with traditional
sponsoring for a while, but I really think that the package belongs in
the same repository as -driver and friends.

Of course, the offer to join the team would mean that you can help with
other more general ALSA packaging work. Thomas would be very happy to
get extra hands with handling bug forwarding to the ALSA BTS, for
example, as that's time consuming.

Tell us what you think, and let me know if you want alsa-tools to go
into experimental with the rest of the 1.0.9 uploads that will be
happening in the following days.

Jordi (and Thomas, although he sleeps right now ;)
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