[Pkg-alsa-devel] Bug#586648: Needs to be fixed

John Talbut jt at dpets.co.uk
Wed Jul 7 05:58:21 UTC 2010


> It is a well known issue to the Debian community to read
> /usr/share/doc/<package­name> to get info's about setting up the
> package. As well there is a possibility to file a bug and describe
> the problem. In most cases you'll get an advice on howto from the
> maintainer (like the alsa-package-maintainers ;-)) For advanced help
>  ask the community (debian-users).

I know about that.  I imagine that if I spent a considerable amount of
time I could go through all this and get ALSA to do what is needed.  But
I have other priorities in life.  And what about users who are not
particularly computer literate, how are they supposed to get their
systems working?

> You managed to set up your sound so what do you want?

Sort of, I wrote.  I had to use PulseAudio and I want to just use ALSA. 
  Or if PulseAudio is what ALSA people want us to use, to have the two 
integrated.  And it still does not work properly, having to restart 
after a USB device is hotplugged and Ekiga to Bluetooth does not work.

Googling around, clearly I am not the only one who is having this sort 
of difficulty.  There seems to be plenty of dissatisfaction about using 
ALSA with multiple devices.

I am not suggesting this is easy to fix and it seems to me that it may 
need some fairly basic changes to ALSA.  My purpose in submitting this 
wishlist bug is to flag it as an issue and give an opportunity for 
ALSA-maintainers to let us know what is happening about it.

So if ALSA-maintainers (working, of course, with upstream) wontfix this 
then it just adds to the urgency of finding alternatives to ALSA.

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