[Pkg-alsa-devel] Bug#635694: alsa-base: alsa bug 0005418: snd-hda-intel: alsa force-reload required to avoid Dummy output

Elimar Riesebieter riesebie at lxtec.de
Sat Jul 30 10:36:19 UTC 2011

* r.ductor at gmail.com [110730 11:36 +0200]:

> As a trial I've removed pulseaudio and I have my audio is  back
> (THANKS) :)

So bug closed herewith

> As a side note: when I restarted the computer Kde asked me about
> removing an HDA intel device, in the doubt I said NO (see png),
> hope that was OK. Kmix now shows "Master" instead of " Internal
> Audio Analog Stereo".

This is a kde internal. You must be able to set your sound in kde
via the control-center or something like that.

> All in all, apart an incompatibility bug among pulseaudioand alsa,
> there is still a global debian problem: if one removes pulseaudio,
> it will be back next upgrade because it is recommended by
> speech-dispatcher. Wouldn't be better to ask the developers of
> speech-dispatcher to change "recommends pulseaudio" to "suggests"
> due to the present incompatibility with alsa? Shall I send a wish
> or you know them?

Well, pulseaudio does coexist very well with alsa. I am running
several machines in that constellation. I am not very experienced with
the kde thingi. Maybe there is a missconfiguration of phonon
responsible for the trouble you have haad?

> If the situation stays as it is, I guess I'll have to filter out
> pulseaudio in /etc/apt/preferences, or to drop the install
> recommends option (that is a default of apt, I guess).

That should not be the solution at all. There must be a way to get
both pulse and phonon in touch.


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