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Luca Capello luca at pca.it
Sat Jun 2 12:34:36 UTC 2012

Hi Alexander!

On Fri, 01 Jun 2012 20:55:40 +0200, Alexander Golovko wrote:
> On Fri, 01 Jun 2012 20:35:41 +0200, Luca Capello wrote:
>> On Fri, 01 Jun 2012 13:31:20 +0200, Alexander Golovko wrote:
>>> Upstream patch is incorrect.
>>> They add 'libtool/ltdl.m4' usage into aclocal.m4, but forget add
>>> ltdl.m4'.
>> I discovered that while testing the upstream patch: given that
>> upstream
>> suggested that we need to regenerate aclocal.m4 anyway, I guessed
>> that
>> this was correct and this is why I added libltdl-dev to
>> Build-Depends:.
>> Thus, if I have understood correctly, if we add 'libtool/ltdl.m4'
>> then
>> there is no more need for libltdl-dev.
> Hmm, if i understand Marco post in upstream bugtracker, we need
> regenerate only configure script, not aclocal.m4

According to Marco's comment (i.e. "B.T.W. Don't forget to recompile
your configure see Makefile on how to do that."), the only information I
found where in Makefile.in:67:


   #  Note, the following is needed in the above if ever any new macro is added.
   #   However, at the current time, the -I libtool causes the autoconf/aclocal.m4
   #   get messed up, so this is commented out
   #       cd autoconf && aclocal -I bacula-macros -I gettext-macros -I libtool

> in upstream bug 1880 Marco write, that he add missed file, but it not
> push his changes, so i can't get his version.

Three patches landed in upstream Git:

* commit:ddd5c96759c994dee2c8b0d20dff38b7e7853148
  Fix bug #1870 GNU binutils-gold build failure.

  Use some extra libtool magic to determine what lib to use
  to get dlopen and friends for loading plugins from libbac.

  => (Debian) commit:2b82cc6db4bf9323593c156eea0163c718ff6096
     debian/patches/fix-binutils-gold-linking.patch: from upstream BTS

* commit:a68bb6eb2de06c96507ffd1eeeee032a77112cf5
  Tweak recompile configure.in

  => this patch actually does not touch autoconf/configure.in, but
     configure: given that we anyway call autoconf (because of the
     MySQL-5.5 patch commit:ee975daf3993294c6957519f103942c961247d9f),
     should we need this?

* commit:e72fe7a6a2b65b907f5a89f77117ffa28404a95a
  Fix bug #1880 ltdl.m4 missing for new feature.

  => (Debian) commit:440819e8f46c19c335d2e1632baf3bd8905ce163
     fix aclocal.m4 regeneration

However, what about the following patch, is it necessary?

* commit:8f60b57e48ce343086d652e093e8e64ec7494283
  Tweak rebuild config.h.in

> Yes, it look like we can remove this build depends.

Done (tested building with or without binutils-gold):


Testing packages are available at:


Thx, bye,
Gismo / Luca
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