[pkg-bacula-devel] Bug#780155: ITP: baculum -- Baculum WebGUI tool for Bacula Community program

Carsten Leonhardt leo at debian.org
Fri Nov 13 19:47:45 UTC 2015

Hallo Marcin,

> [...] but I understand that the framework has to be packaged as
> independent deb package.

That would be optimal. I had a quick look, and only tinymce seems to be
packaged in Debian already, although it looks very neglected. Maybe it
would be a good question to ask on the debian-mentors list, if in this
case the third party sources should be packaged separately, because
according my quick searches on packages.debian.org no other package
contains any of these parts.

> Summarizing, it looks that there is needed to do:
> - Unbundle and package external framework components,
> - Prepare the unbundled framework package,
> - and then prepare Baculum package.
> It is huge amount of work. I am writing about it for inform you about
> required work to Baculum packages preparation.
> I am able to do most of these works self. I understand that I do not
> have enough knowledge to prepare fully valid Debian packages and in this
> point I would like to ask you about help.
> Here my question is - if Debian Bacula Team is still interested Baculum
> as Debian package?

Yes, and I'd be willing to do the uploads once the packaging is done.

> About #656891 ITP request - Bweb is not longer developed in Bacula
> Community Project and from version 7.0 the Bweb is not provided with
> bacula-gui tar archive. From this reason I think that merging bug
> #656891 with Baculum ITP is not needed.

So I understand bweb is obsolete, and with it the RFP.



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