[pkg-bacula-devel] Bug#811089: Bug#811089: bconsole: typo forbids non-interactive restore

Rhonda D'Vine rhonda at strg.at
Tue Feb 2 09:04:36 UTC 2016


* Carsten Leonhardt <leo at debian.org> [2016-01-27 14:17:47 CET]:
> Hi Rhonda,
> > there is a typo in src/dird/ua_restore.c which hinders starting a
> > non-interactive restore.
> could you give me an example invocation for such a restore?

*restore where=/bacula/restore/hostname client=hostname restore_job=hostname-restore restoreclient=backup-mgmt-fd select current all done yes

 Thing is, the restore_job option will be claimed to be a wrong option
if written this way without the patch, and if you use restorejob instead
it won't be parsed but you'll instead be asked to select one
interactively.  So with the patch it's possible to fully do it
non-interactive because both the parsing of the option and the checking
for the options do use the same syntax.

> Which version did you patch - the old 5.2.6 or the 7.0.5 from testing?

 I patched 5.2.6 here but like written originally the bug is still
unfixed with the 7.0.5 version.  Given that it's a one-character fix it
should be possible to convince the stable release team to get it fixed
for stable too.

 I'm a bit puzzled by the upstream bug comment that it should be fixed
already since 2012, but I still see it called restorejob in there in the
7.0.5 version.  It might be that they fixed it in the other direction,
of making restorejob work instead; but I'm uncertain, didn't check it
with a setup of that version.

 Hope that helps,
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    rhonda at strg.at
    gumpendorfer strasse 132/9, 1060 wien
    tel +43 (1) 526 56 29
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