[pkg-bacula-devel] Upgrade error to 7.4.3+dfsg-2

Sven Hartge sven at svenhartge.de
Wed Jul 20 11:33:28 UTC 2016

On 20.07.2016 13:22, Carsten Leonhardt wrote:
>> Now, what is the correct dependency declaration?
>> b)
>> Package: bacula-director-mysql
>> Replaces: bacula-director-common (<= 7.4.3+dfsg-3)
>> Breaks: bacula-director-common (<= 7.4.3+dfsg-3)
>> Package: bacula-director-common
>> Depends: bacula-director-mysql (>= 7.4.3+dfsg-3) |
>> bacula-director-sqlite3 (>= 7.4.3+dfsg-3) | bacula-director-pgsql (>=
>> 7.4.3+dfsg-3)
>> Solution (b) would be the one the policy shows in 7.6.1 "Overwriting
>> files in other packages". But we don't totally replace
>> bacula-director-common, we just take over one file.

> it's (b). 

Yes, b) should be correct, but I think the Depends: in
bacula-director-common is not needed, Replaces: and Breaks in
bacula-director-DBTYPE should be sufficient, if my logic is correct. But
to be really really sure, I testing it this time with my local apt
repository instead of only using dpkg.

> But as I still want to switch some files between packages, this
> could get complicated if we don't do this at the same time. I'll take
> care of this.

Yes, this should be done in on consistent upload then. Will 7.4.3+dfsg-3
be for experimental as well?

> PS: If you ever checked out one of the ancient branches I removed today,
> please take care not to push them back.

No, I only ever checkout out upstream, pristine-tar and master.

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