[pkg-bacula-devel] Bug#855645: Bug#855645: btape fill test fails

Carsten Leonhardt leo at debian.org
Sun Feb 26 14:20:20 UTC 2017

Control: reassign -1 bacula-sd
Control: severity -1 important

> Upon installing a new tape drive, I did a "btape fill" test, as advised
> in the Bacula manual. This worked when I last installed a tape drive
> with version 5.2.6.

An example output of the error reported with 7.4.4 is as follows:

btape output:
Wrote block=19090000, file,blk=954,10936 VolBytes=2,499,540,811,776 rate=107.7 MB/s
19-Mar 15:23 btape JobId 0: End of Volume "TestVolume1" at 954:11250 on device "drive-0-tapestore1" (/dev/rmt/0mbn). Write of 131072 bytes got 0.
19-Mar 15:23 btape JobId 0: Error: Backspace record at EOT failed. ERR=I/O error
btape: btape.c:2714-0 Last block at: 954:11249 this_dev_block_num=11250
btape: btape.c:2749-0 End of tape 954:-1. Volume Bytes=2,499,581,968,384. Write rate = 107.7 MB/s
btape: btape.c:2320-0 Wrote 1000 blocks on second tape. Done.
Done writing 0 records ...
btape: btape.c:2389-0 Wrote state file last_block_num1=11249 last_block_num2=0
btape: btape.c:2404-0

15:23:52 Done filling tape at 954:-1. Now beginning re-read of tape ...
btape: btape.c:2485-0 Enter do_unfill
19-Mar 15:24 btape JobId 0: Ready to read from volume "TestVolume1" on device "drive-0-tapestore1" (/dev/rmt/0mbn).
Reading the first 10000 records from 0:0.
10000 records read now at 1:2502
Reposition from 1:2502 to 954:11249
Reposition error. ERR=dev.c:1366 ioctl MTFSR 11249 error on "drive-0-tapestore1" (/dev/rmt/0mbn). ERR=I/O error.

btape: btape.c:2412-0 do_unfill failed.

> I am unsure about the severity, because While this does not compromise
> the function of Bacula itself, being able to reliable test devices
> before trusting them with backups is essential and right now an imporant
> component of this test does not work correctly.

I'd say that not having trust in your backup is a "major effect on the
usability", therefore I consider that a severity level of "important"
can be justified. This is also the wording of upstream in his message

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