[pkg-bacula-devel] Fixing lintian autotools-pkg-config-macro-not-cross-compilation-safe

Sven Hartge sven at svenhartge.de
Fri Feb 23 23:11:41 UTC 2018


I tried (and somewhat succeeded) in fixing 
the lintian warning 
but I think I did it in the most complicated (and certainly wrong) way 
possible, because I don't really understand autoconf.

My efforts are documented on the autoconf branch. They compile and the 
resulting package looks correct from glancing at their contents.

In short, I replaced the macro
  AC_PATH_PROG(PKG_CONFIG, pkg-config, pkg-config)
in autoconf/configure.in

Unfortunately this needs pkg.m4, which while present in the global aclocal 
search path, is not used.

I then manually used 
  aclocal -I bacula-macros/ -I gettext-macros/ -I libtool/
to refresh aclocal.m4, which then embedded the needed macros into the 
file, also putting them into the quilt patch.

But I have a feeling this is not the way this should be done. Someone 
please enlighten me on how to do this correct. The examples I have been 
finding, inside Debian sources and outside, are unhelpful because of the 
wildly differing ways autoconf is used.



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