[pkg-bacula-devel] cloud-driver and libs3 (again)

Sven Hartge sven at svenhartge.de
Sun Jan 13 12:49:05 GMT 2019


I took some time and looked through the development history of libs3,
its use in Bacula and the packaging in Debian and my conclusion is:
there is no way in $heck we are shipping anything usable in Debian
anytime soon.

libs3 is a development mess in its own right. The code is riddled with
overflow problems, memory leaks, hidden ABI/API changes resulting in
sometimes hidden SO-name changes and no clear release structure, the
original programmer seems to only merge pull request once they are sent
to him without much own development any more.

Bacula itself only functions with the one special libs3 version I
identified and Kern himself also provided later, from 2016-12-14. Any
older or newer version will not work.

That version needs at least two patches to be even able to compile the
thing and more to make it safe and stable to use.

I see no way Debian would ship a library package in such a state.

The only way to get this out the door would be to embed the thing inside
Bacula or create a libs3-bacula package. If I were a RM, I'd veto both

Unfortunately, there is only one non-pre-alpha S3 C/C++-library
available and that is libs3. You'd need to reimplement Bacula in nodejs,
then you could pick and choose ;)

Did your inquiries result in any better results/answers?


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