[pkg-bacula-devel] License/Copyright information for bacula-regress

Kern Sibbald kern at sibbald.com
Tue Jan 29 15:43:10 GMT 2019

Hello Carsten,

On 1/24/19 11:35 PM, Carsten Leonhardt wrote:
> Hi Kern,
> while investigating how the bacula-regress package could be used for
> automatic QA in Debian, I noticed that the tarball doesn't contain any
> licence of copyright file. While the individual files seem to be mainly
> BSD 2-clause, it would be handy to have a central file, like in the other
> tarballs (bacula, bacula-docs).
> Maybe you could include one for the next release?
Yes, I think I have done as you requested -- including correcting the 
misspelling of copyright.
Not having a license file in a release .tar.gz is not very good, so 
thanks for noticing it.

> And maybe you could also look at the little patches I've submitted to
> the bug database.

There are quite a number of them.  I am working on them and will try to 
do all
before the next release.  Thanks for submitting them, they are very helpful.
> By the way, the unit test lockmgr_test fails to compile, part of the
> problem is a typo for which I've attached a patch. It's not sufficient
> to make it compile though.
If this is a blocker, please explain to me why.  I would like to make the
next release 9.4.2 as quickly as possible, so I would like to skip fixing
this until the author of lockmgr fixes it.

Best regards,

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