Bug#360143: acknowledged by developer (Bug#360143: fixed in boinc 5.4.3-1)

Zlatko Calusic zlatko.calusic at iskon.hr
Sat Apr 22 09:28:28 UTC 2006

"Frank S. Thomas" <frank at thomas-alfeld.de> writes:

> Hi,
> On Friday 21 April 2006 12:11, Zlatko Calusic wrote:
>> Unfortunately, the situation is even worse, now I can't connect at all
>> (not even after a minute or so). It all seems pretty bugged. Whatever
>> I click (retry communications, select computer...) I don't get an
>> expected response but only blocking, "nothing happens" and other
>> (circular) errors. Weird.
> Which version is the BOINC core client you are trying to connect to? I assume 
> it is not 5.4.3. Can you upgrade the client to this version?

Yes, they're both 5.4.3. I doublechecked and restarted client on the
other machine to be sure the new version is running. Still no go.

To help a little bit let go step by step and see what's happening:

- boinc-client 5.4.3-1 is running at machine.domain.com
- port 31416 is open by boinc-client process and I can connect with
  telnet to it and get some xml errors out from desktop.domain.com
- I fire up boincmgr 5.4.3-1 on the desktop.domain.com (I don't have
  boinc-client installed on that machine!)
- In the tray? (down on the right of the window) it says 'Connecting
  to localhost' and on the console it says:
  send: -1
  send: Bad file descriptor
  connect: Connection refused
  execvp(./boinc, -redirectio) failed with error 2!
  connect: Operation now in progress
- I go to Advanced->Select Computer and select machine.desktop.com
  from the drop down history, tray immediately changes to 'Connecting
  to machine.domain.com' but nothing happens...
- NEW DATA: I wait exactly 50 seconds starring at the screen where
  nothing happens and finally get a popup saying that Connection
  failed and giving me a chance to retry, I salect 'Yes'
- In the next second, I'm finally connected properly!

So yes, the original bug that I reported is still there in 5.4.3-1, I
still have to wait around a minute to get connected properly to a
remote machine.

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