[pkg-boinc-devel] BOINC 5.2.15-1 packages

Frank S. Thomas frank at thomas-alfeld.de
Mon Jan 9 19:15:50 UTC 2006


I've just uploaded BOINC 5.2.15-1 (for testing and unstable) to our repository
and removed it from http://pkg-boinc.alioth.debian.org/incoming.

Here is the changelog:

 boinc (5.2.15-1) experimental; urgency=low
   * New upstream release.
   [ Frank S. Thomas ]
   * debian/patches/:
     - Added 07_use-sensible-browser.dpatch. The BOINC Manager now uses
       "sensible-browser", which is part of the debianutils package, as
       fallback if wxWidgets' method to determine the default browser fails.
       Thanks to Olek Wojnar for the report and his helpful investigations.
   * debian/boinc-client.postrm:
     - Be more verbose when removing the "boinc" user/group.
   * debian/boinc-manager.desktop:
     - Added "Path: /var/lib/boinc-client" so that the BOINC Manager can find
       the "gui_rpc_auth.cfg" file and does not ask for a password. This should
       be removed when the BOINC Manager is able to store passwords in its
       config file.
   * debian/control:
     - Added an extra space before the "Homepage" pseudo field according to the
       Developer's Reference, Section 6.2.4.
     - Added Christoph Martin <christoph.martin at uni-mainz.de> and
       Greg Norris <adric at debian.org> to Uploaders.
   * debian/copyright:
     - Added more copyright and license information for various files.
   * Created symlinks of headers and static libraries, which are required to
     build the SETI at home application, in "/usr/share/boinc-dev/".
   * Ship a default "gui_rpc_auth.cfg" file in "/etc/boinc-client/" and create
     a symlink in "/var/lib/boinc-client" to this file. Old "gui_rpc_auth.cfg"
     files are moved to "/etc/boinc-client/" before creating the symlink.


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