Version 5.4.10?

Frank S. Thomas frank at
Mon Jul 10 12:29:48 UTC 2006

On Friday 07 July 2006 19:41, Hans wrote:
> On Friday 07 July 2006 08:38, you wrote:
> > On Thursday 06 July 2006 01:03, Hans wrote:
> > > On 5.4.9 is the recommended version, how can
> > > we have 5.4.10 in debian?
> >
> > Because Rom Walton tagged this version in CVS. 5.4.10 contains a bugfix
> > that is important on Debian systems.
> >
> > > I do have an issue running World Community Grid task with boinc, where
> > > can I get support for this if I'm running unsupported software?
> >
> > Who says that it is unsupported software?
> Hi Frank,
> Thanks for your support. I called it unsupported because it is not on the
> boinc website and therefor probably not supported by the boinc developers.
> Despite the bugfix in 5.4.10 I still have a problem running WorldCommunity
> Grid tasks. After some time they stop processing and are not removed from
> memory anymore.

Is this because you've set "Leave applications in memory while preempted?" 
to "yes" on your "General preferences" page? If not and it only happens with 
WCG tasks the probability is high, that this issue is specific to WCG and you 
should ask for help on the WCG message boards first. If you really think that 
this is due to the new 5.4.10 version downgrade the client to 5.4.9[1] and 
try to reproduce your problem.  

[1] packages for 5.4.9 are here:

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