[PATCH] for experimantal branch (boinc-dev)

Frank S. Thomas frank at thomas-alfeld.de
Sat Jan 27 13:17:32 CET 2007

Hi Alex,

On Thursday 25 January 2007 21:27, Alex Owen wrote:
> I am building a boinc server. I'm building it from boinc-5.5.10 source
> compiled with the experimental branch debian/rules etc. I know this is
> not the upstream version that the experimental branch is targeting but
> I think my experience is near enough to share it with you!
> I find that the boinc-dev package is missing various header files. I
> have 2 solutions to this.

The header files you are missing - except md5_file.h - are installed by the 
upstream makefile since September 2006. If you would use a more recent BOINC 
version those headers would be included in boinc-dev automatically.
For md5_file.h I've just committed your patch.

> I'd appreciate any comments or even an SVN comit of [2] boinc-dev.2.patch .

Since you seem to be interested in the boinc-server package, I'm willing to 
give you access to the pkg-boinc svn repository if you would use the same 
version that the experimental branch is targeting. The boinc-server package 
really needs some love.

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