Jim Baize james at joink.com
Fri Mar 2 13:57:28 CET 2007

Thank you for your prompt reply to my question.

Do you take part in the BOINC-dev or BOINC-alpha mailing lists?  If not, you 
might consider taking a look at them.  They sometimes get a little busy, but 
overall they are managable.  I have listed the URL's for the -dev and 
the -alpha lists.  I have also added the -projects mailing list for your 

Thank you for making BOINC a part of the official repositories and keep up 
the good work.

boinc_dev mailing list
boinc_dev at ssl.berkeley.edu

boinc_alpha mailing list
boinc_alpha at ssl.berkeley.edu

boinc_projects mailing list
boinc_projects at ssl.berkeley.edu


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