Bug#406853: updated patch for 5.8.16

Thibaut VARENE varenet at debian.org
Sun Mar 4 01:07:04 CET 2007


Here's an updated semi-ugly quick patch for 5.8.16. It's built based on
the previous one, and adds some comments and #ifdefs which are necessary
to avoid unwanted output on foreign platforms. Tested using a quick-hack
testcase program on all 4 platforms (same machines as the first time).

Since I'm not quite sure what upstream wants in the various fields, I
tried to be sensible, but if they want to look more into this, I've put a
bunch of cpuinfo files here: http://www.pateam.org/archive/tmp/boinc/

These files are plain copy in order to preserve tabs/spaces.

I don't really know how to contact upstream (I'm not too fond of web
forums), so Frank, if you can I'd suggest you forward them this and see
how they react. I'd be willing to offer machine access if they need it.

Also note they're not getting cache information on alpha, dunno if that's
intended so I didn't touch it. 

Some more about cache: except for hppa where I explicitly initialize
m_cache to 0, I suspect that this version will still expose the minor bug
of reporting bogus cache value if no cache info is found in cpuinfo...
They might want to fix that as well, if it hasn't been already.



(PS: answer to #407461 is coming, testing of 5.8.16 amd64 in progress :)
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