[Bug 87353] Re: client outdated

T. Appelhagen tom at chaos2.dtdns.net
Thu May 10 16:38:03 UTC 2007

Hi William,

ClamAV is being worked on? The status was "rejected" the last time I
looked there. Would be great if you're right!

OK, I got the point.
Sadly I'm not very good in doing things by myself (aka compiling and installing). Surprisingly I was successful in MLDonkey (I'm using the actual version from CVS now, everythings works fine). On the other hand, I didn't manage to setup ClamAV this way. When compiled from CVS, it leaves me with some executables und wrappers only so I would have to replace those from the original installation; I don't like such. On the other hand, when I'm removing the ClamAV-package before, the daemon is missing and other problems arise. Anyway, this doesn't belong here.

Bearing this limited knowledge in mind, IS there a way for me helping
you out? As I said in the other bugreport, if I can recover to a stable
version in case of a crash, I'm willing to test! You can contact me by
mail or jabber also, if you like.

best regards,

client outdated
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