[Bug 87353] Re: client outdated

William Grant william.grant at ubuntu.org.au
Wed May 9 08:42:07 UTC 2007

The fact that Dapper is an LTS release doesn't mean it should get a
whole lot of new upstream versions after release; it's meant to be
stable, not have new crack! The way BOINC works is inappropriate for a
majority of distributions if it's useless after just a year. Same with
MLDonkey and ClamAV (though the latter is being worked on in the bug you

If you want all of this new stuff, you can help us make them work on
Dapper, and perform the huge amount of testing necessary to remove the
risk of regressions from these new versions. But that's unlikely to
happen; it's just too risky!

(Note that Long Term Support only guarantees security updates for main
and restricted. universe and multiverse have always been updated on a
best-effort basis, and new versions of software are particularly low on
the list. Our manpower is very limited.)

client outdated
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