Packaging BOINC (for Fedora)

Frank S. Thomas fst at
Tue Jan 1 15:39:58 UTC 2008

Hi Debarshi,

On Monday 31 December 2007 17:14, Debarshi 'Rishi' Ray wrote:
> I am trying to package BOINC for Fedora, and while looking around I
> encountered some confusion regarding the version numbers.
> According to the latest
> upstream version seems to be 5.10.28. However according to Debian
> (
> it seems to be
> 5.10.30. In fact, the Debian package's changelog claims a new upstream
> release versioned 5.10.30:

As you probably already found out, at you 
can see the list of all BOINC versions that were tagged in BOINC's Subversion 
(or in the past CVS) repository. I'm monitoring what happens in BOINC's 
Subversion repository and based on the changes that go in a new upstream 
version I decide to package it and release it in Debian, even if it is not 
released on BOINC's website.

> And is:
> svn co
> the way to get the latest 5.10.x point release -- 5.10.32?

No, the boinc_core_release_5_10 branch contains the latest source code of the 
5.10 series but this is not always the same as the latest tagged 5.10.x 
version you can find in /tags/boinc_core_release_5_10_x/. Changes are 
commited in the boinc_core_release_5_10 branch, so what you get if you check 
out this branch changes over time, whereas /tags/boinc_core_release_5_10_x/ 
are snapshots which will never change.
So the "canonical" way to get 5.10.32 from the repository is:
svn export

BTW: I'm very interested in how BOINC is packaged for other distributions and 
therefore have a list of links to packages for other distributions or to 
their VCS where the packages are managed at It would be nice if you 
could provide me with links to your package, so that I can add Fedora to that 

Happy new year!
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