[boinc_dev] Packaging BOINC (for Fedora)

Eric Myers myers at spy-hill.net
Tue Jan 1 16:24:48 UTC 2008

On Tue, 1 Jan 2008, Frank S. Thomas wrote:
> BTW: I'm very interested in how BOINC is packaged for other distributions...

I have already mentioned this to Debarshi, but I thought I'd also mention 
it here too.  In December I started working on an rpm package for the 
BOINC client.  Kathryn Marks has tested my work, and she also wrote the 
logrotate script.  I've now enlisted the crew on Pirates at Home to test the 
rpm further.  (Anyone else can also help, but I didn't want to announce 
it more broadly until we are sure it really works on a wider collection of 
machines.)   I wrote some web pages to help people who have previously 
installed manually to transition to rpm, and I also put together Unix man 
pages for boinc, boinc_client, boinc_cmd and boincmgr, which are in the 

My main goal was just to make it easier to install the client on a cluster 
I'm putting together, but Debarshi is interested in getting an rpm into 
the Fedora distribution for their Astronomy SIG.  He understands the 
process and proceedures for veting a package for inclusion, so he can be a big 
help with that.  He's also going to review my work on the packaging.  So 
we'll work together on trying to make the package acceptable to the Fedora 
developers.   Meanwhile, I mainly want something to make it easier for 
people to install and use the client on Linux distros that use rpm, and I 
hope that except for minor tweaks we are close to having that.


> Happy new year!
> Frank

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