preliminary packaging work of 6.4.5

Thibaut VARENE varenet at
Sat Feb 21 14:25:55 UTC 2009

Hi guys,

Anoter quick email to let you know that since I wanted to deploy BOINC
6.4.5, I ended up packaging it.

I thought my preliminary (quick & dirty) work could be of help to you,
so here it is:


Regarding the TODO list here:
* Do not install "BOINC" files by-hand, see r15299 and
#743. -> unresolved: 6.4.5 still ships "BOINC" (vs
* Migrate from /usr/include/BOINC to /usr/include/boinc and remove the
sea specific patch, see r15300. -> done, AFAICT
* Upstream changes that possibly affect packaging: 15305, 15306,
15594, 16208 -> nothing really mandatory, didn't use any of this
* BOINC is now licensed under LGPL-3+ -> debian/copyright hasn't been updated :P

Regarding the source tarball: generated using your script. Note that
coprocs/ contains binary CUDA libs, without any license or copyright
notice. I'm under the feeling this is not distributable, but since I
needed it in my own custom package I didn't care to remove it from the
tarball. It's not built into any debian package though.

Regarding Debian packaging, main changes are as follows:
I copied debian/ from 6.2.14 to the fresh 6.4.5 checkout and changed a
few things:
- boinc-dev.links -> removed. IMHO unnecessary, the package now
provides clean /usr/include/boinc with everything needed to build
client apps (afaict, at least I could build milkyway just fine)
- boinc-dev.install -> updated to /usr/include/boinc and removed all
the cherry picking of files which are obviously no longer meant to be
exported as API headers
- patches/
  + updated 001 and 003 to apply cleanly
  + removed 002 from series on the grounds that I want to have the
client built exactly as upstream expects it, and I'm afraid these
optimisations will impact MIPS computation and thus credit
computation. As a matter of fact, 6.4.5 reports about 100 more
Whetstone and Dhrystone vs 6.2.14 on my test machine. I thus haven't
updated that patch. That may be unrelated, I haven't tested
  + updated 101, still not part of 6.4.5
- rules:
  + added --prefix to CPPFLAGS_boinc_client
  + added line to move png icons to the right place so that the build
doesn't fail

Left as an exercise for the courageous reader:
- update debian/copyright
- update debian/changelog to close whatever bugs are closed by this release

Finally I noticed the package doesn't ship crypt_prog, there may be a
reason for it but I thought I might as well raise some awareness on
the topic.

The package built fine on amd64 and hppa, and installed fine and both
boinc and boincmgr seem to work just fine (at least well enough for my
needs so far ;-). The result is lintian clean, save for the obvious
and expected NMU warning.

The only one annoying thing is that boincmgr now pretends that closing
it will also stop boinc client (which is obviously not the case). We
probably want to patch that out.


PS: I might someday end up packaging boinc-server, but that's another story ;^P

Please CC-me on reply

Thibaut VARENE

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