preliminary packaging work of 6.4.5

Thibaut VARÈNE varenet at
Thu Feb 26 20:33:28 UTC 2009

Le 26 févr. 09 à 21:07, René Mayorga a écrit :

> On Sun, Feb 22, 2009 at 10:29:37PM +0100, Steffen Moeller wrote:
>> Thibaut VARÈNE wrote:

>> Would you consider working remotely, Thibaut? I could imagine that  
>> you log in to alioth
>> for your editing. You would run your regular ./debian/rules binary  
>> there, without knowing

Actually not. I do all my work locally because I want to build and  
*test* it ;P
> Yes, or you just cant do a
> git clone ssh://it://

> then, git branch my-local-branch
> and that is all, you can work there and commit as Steffen points, then
> move between your work and `master' using git checkout.
> IMHO it is not pain to learn a bit from git just enough to survive.
> I'm really a newbie using git.

The idea of having a git copy of whole upstream source, what's more a  
subset of upstream source, looks completely wrong to me. Especially  
more so since upstream already provides its own VCS. Why not simply  
keep only "debian/" under VCS? Since we already have a script to pull  
the source and make it look the way we want, I don't see any  
additional benefit in having it under our own VCS... Anyway, my 2c.
>> I keep doing things the wrong way with git all the time and don't  
>> know much more than the
>> two commands I outlined above. For the communication between you  
>> and Rene you don't need
>> more. The instructions given here 
>>  were
>> once prepared by Frank. I have extended it to help newbies a bit  
>> more and for the latest
>> 6.4.x version the page should eventually be reviewed by Rene. It  
>> takes about 30 minutes to
>> have your first git-based BOINC packages locally.
> Having a quit look on the wiki page is really nice, describe quite  
> good
> the workflow, and as Steffen saids there are just two or three  
> commands
> there needed to survive.
> Or if stills you prefer, your patches are always welcome :)

I'll see what I can do. I've had unpleasant past experiences working  
with git, made me quite reluctant to ever use it again... ISTR hating  
the whole "branch" thing for instance :P

> Also I started #debian-boinc  IRC channel on OFTC, at this moment I am
> a lonely soul there :), so if some one else do IRC have in mind this
> channel.

Nice! I'll join later on :)

Thibaut VARÈNE

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