Bug#720849: boinc-manager: Can't connect to boinc-client due to empty password in gui_rpc_auth.cfg

MestreLion launchpad at rodrigosilva.com
Tue Aug 27 08:46:17 UTC 2013

At 05:08 26/08/2013, Julien Palard wrote:
>Adding a password in the file and using it solved my problem, so I mis-interpreted the origin of the problem.
>So maybe my boinc-client was seeing my connexion as a remote one ?

Probably not, because adding the password alone is not enough to allow a remote connection: you also
need to enable remote connections either via remote_hosts.cfg (per-host) or globally with 
--allow_remote_gui_rpc option in command line (or cc_config.xml).

>I just tried on another debian box and it works without password as you said.
>I may try to remove the password on my first box and run some tests for you if you have an idea.

No idea. Try checking out the contents of remote_hosts.cfg (if it exists) or cc_config.xml, also
the command-line arguments used when starting the boinc client. Have you changed any of these?

Those files are located in your boinc data dir, /var/lib/boinc-client, some of them as symlinks
to /etc/boinc-client. At least in a default install from repositories using apt-get. I have no idea how
(or if) a direct install from berkely changes the configuration files setup.

Also, I'm still using boinc 7.0.27, quite an old one. Maybe recent versions made changes in this regard?


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