[Pkg-cacti-maint] Update request for license of debian files in Cacti package

Paul Gevers paul at climbing.nl
Sun May 13 20:20:39 UTC 2012

Hi co-maintainers of cacti,

As you have seen in my other e-mails I am going through the code of
cacti. Looking back at the history of Cacti it seems the license has
always been GPL version 2 or higher, although only version 2 is
mentioned in the debian/copyright file. I want to fix this. However, the
Debian part, with your names attached, specify the license as GPL
version 2 and it would be appropriate to use the same license as the

Do you agree to upgrade the license of the Debian part of the cacti
package to the same license as Cacti, i.e. GPL version 2 or higher.

I already tried to contact both former cacti maintainers in the
copyright file, but their Debian e-mail bounces as they both retired
from Debian. How should I approach this issue?


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