[Pkg-cacti-maint] Update request for license of debian files in Cacti package

Mahyuddin Susanto udienz at ubuntu.com
Thu May 17 11:58:42 UTC 2012

Hi Paul.

2012/5/14 Paul Gevers <paul at climbing.nl>:
> Hi co-maintainers of cacti,
> As you have seen in my other e-mails I am going through the code of
> cacti. Looking back at the history of Cacti it seems the license has
> always been GPL version 2 or higher, although only version 2 is
> mentioned in the debian/copyright file. I want to fix this. However, the
> Debian part, with your names attached, specify the license as GPL
> version 2 and it would be appropriate to use the same license as the
> package.
> Do you agree to upgrade the license of the Debian part of the cacti
> package to the same license as Cacti, i.e. GPL version 2 or higher.
> I already tried to contact both former cacti maintainers in the
> copyright file, but their Debian e-mail bounces as they both retired
> from Debian. How should I approach this issue?
> Paul

Yes i agree with upgrading licence in debian cacti packages, Please do that

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