[Pkg-cacti-maint] Bug#702690: Latest deb still causes problem

Mike Brodbelt mike at last.fm
Wed Apr 3 12:10:28 UTC 2013


I've just seen this bug crop up with the new deb, so I'm not convinced 
it's completely fixed.

FWIW, I manually rebuilt the deb from source on a squeeze host, as I 
wanted the newest available cacti package on my monitoring machine. 
AFAIK there are no binary components though, so I very much doubt this 
made any difference. On installing the new deb, I immediately had the 
same tree fail as described here.

When I looked into this bug, I relatively trivially fixed the issue by 
installing libjs-jquery-cookie and libjs-jquery from Squeeze backports. 
However, the current package lists these as "Recommends", and I think 
they need to become "Depends", as from what I can see the integration of 
the earlier patches in this bug means that the Cacti interface will not 
function correctly without system versions of these libraries installed.


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