[Pkg-cacti-maint] Bug#702690: Latest deb still causes problem

Paul Gevers elbrus at debian.org
Wed Apr 3 18:01:33 UTC 2013

Hi Mike,

Do I understand you correctly that you say that the problem goes away
with installation of libjs-jquery-cookie and libjs-jquery? Than I think
you did not understand the original bug properly. Indeed
libjs-jquery-cookie and libjs-jquery are needed to use the javascript
functionality to fold the tree, but without them you have the html
equivalent tree (which you can't fold).

If the answer is "yes" than the bug is still closed. If the answer is
"no, even with libjs-jquery-cookie and libjs-jquery the grouping does
not work" than the bug should be reopened, but I then request a
screen-shot of how it goes wrong and if possible you can tell me how to
create a tree that fails.

Regarding the depends vs recommends, I really think the
libjs-jquery-cookie and libjs-jquery should be "recommends". Recommended
packages are installed by default in Debian since Squeeze. These libs
are not absolutely necessary for Cacti to function. If you don't install
recommended packages, you have chosen it yourself and you have to live
with the consequences. Cacti still works without libjs-jquery-cookie and
libjs-jquery, albeit the tree is less useful for large sites, but there
are other ways to navigate your graphs.


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