[Pkg-cacti-maint] Bug#702690: Latest deb still causes problem

Mike Brodbelt mike at last.fm
Thu Apr 4 08:36:23 UTC 2013

On 03/04/13 19:01, Paul Gevers wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> Do I understand you correctly that you say that the problem goes away
> with installation of libjs-jquery-cookie and libjs-jquery? Than I think
> you did not understand the original bug properly. Indeed
> libjs-jquery-cookie and libjs-jquery are needed to use the javascript
> functionality to fold the tree, but without them you have the html
> equivalent tree (which you can't fold).

When I installed the new package, I ended up with a non-functional tree. 
Installing libjs-jquery and libjs-jquery-cookie "solved" my issue, by 
making the javascript foldable tree work.

> If the answer is "yes" than the bug is still closed. If the answer is
> "no, even with libjs-jquery-cookie and libjs-jquery the grouping does
> not work" than the bug should be reopened, but I then request a
> screen-shot of how it goes wrong and if possible you can tell me how to
> create a tree that fails.

With libjs-jquery-cookie and libjs-jquery installed, the tree works. 
Without them installed, I get a non-working html tree - although I can 
see in the source that the links are there, clicking on the tree 
elements does not switch the main frame to display the correct graphs. I 
tested this in Firefox and Chrome to make sure it wasn't just a browser 

> Regarding the depends vs recommends, I really think the
> libjs-jquery-cookie and libjs-jquery should be "recommends". Recommended
> packages are installed by default in Debian since Squeeze.

If it's intended to provide a working HTML tree without the js libs, I 
completely agree, "recommends" is just fine. My take on this was based 
on the fact that I ended up with a non functional install after the 
upgrade, and the javascript libs fixed my immediate problem.


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