[Pkg-citadel-devel] Bug#518663: Bug#518663: webcit: [INTL:fi] Updated Finnish

Esko Arajärvi edu at iki.fi
Tue Mar 10 17:50:28 UTC 2009


On Tuesday 10 March 2009, Michael Meskes wrote:
> > msgid "Limit Webcits login language selection"
> > msgstr ""
> >
> > Futhermore this string could be improved, IMHO. Maybe it could be just:
> > "Webcit language:"
> I'm not sure. After all Webcit does have a language selector that gets
> bound to one language using this option.

The question now sounds to me like I could choose for example three of those 
languages to the selection dialog. In other words, limit the selection. If 
the options are all or just one, some other wording would IMO be more 
appropriate. Can user change this selection inside? If yes, we could speak of 
default language. If not, then maybe "Language of the Webcit user 

> Talking about this, we changed the wording some after sending out the email
> and included Christian's proposal. Could you please translate the changes?
> Sorry about the hassle. File is attached.

Sure, no problem. :-)


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