[Pkg-clamav-devel] [Fwd: Recent clamav-milter upgrade from volatile broken]

Michael Tautschnig mt at debian.org
Wed Apr 29 20:03:16 UTC 2009

> Hi,
> sorry for contacting you directly. I could really need some help with
> this since the latest clamav upgrade broke clamav-milter for me. Please
> see the message I am forwarding to you. Any help highly appreciated. Thanks!

Don't panic, Stephen is following the mailing lists, and it's probably rather
me to blame for several milter-upgrade problems.

Would you maybe first let us know which version you are using?


> --outgoing --local --external --headers
outgoing, local, external is done by default.
> --sendmail-cf=/etc/mail/sendmail.cf
> --quarantine-dir=/var/spool/quarantine --dont-wait
> --template-file=/root/clamav-notify-template
> --postmaster=some at email.address --from
For all the others there is no option for configuring this anymore.

> Options supported after the update:
> smtp:~# clamav-milter --help
> Usage: clamav-milter [-c <config-file>]
>     --help                   -h       Show this help
>     --version                -V       Show version and exit
>     --config-file <file>     -c       Read configuration from file
> Reading man clamd.conf there do not seem to be any of the mentioned
> options available anymore.
> /etc/default/clamav-milter.dpkg-dist after the update contains:
> # Default options: 2 children max and scan outgoing and local messages
> OPTIONS="--max-children=2 -ol"
> Those options are not supported by clamav-milter !

We don't ship a defaults file for clamav-milter anymore in any of the 0.95*
versions - that must be some relict from an ealier version.

> I would need to know which options to put in
> /etc/clamav/clamav-milter.conf to get back the old behaviour. Please
> email me directly since I am not subscribed to this list.

Well, to me it seems current milter does not yet support all the stuff you would
like to see. Well, to me it seems only the notifications don't work the same way
anymore. As an admin, for now, you can only check the logfiles.


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