[Pkg-clamav-devel] [Fwd: Recent clamav-milter upgrade from volatile broken]

Christian Schulte cs at schulte.it
Thu Apr 30 10:11:16 UTC 2009

Michael Tautschnig schrieb:
>> Hi,
>> sorry for contacting you directly. I could really need some help with
>> this since the latest clamav upgrade broke clamav-milter for me. Please
>> see the message I am forwarding to you. Any help highly appreciated. Thanks!
> Don't panic, Stephen is following the mailing lists, and it's probably rather
> me to blame for several milter-upgrade problems.
> Would you maybe first let us know which version you are using?

Thanks for the reply! Version of clamav-milter:

smtp:~# clamav-milter -V
clamav-milter 0.95.1

> [...]
>> --outgoing --local --external --headers
> outgoing, local, external is done by default.
>> --sendmail-cf=/etc/mail/sendmail.cf
>> --quarantine-dir=/var/spool/quarantine --dont-wait
>> --template-file=/root/clamav-notify-template
>> --postmaster=some at email.address --from
> For all the others there is no option for configuring this anymore.

If it rejects mails at MTA level, I need a way to quarantine those
mails. Also I need a way to send notifications to the recipient stating
that a virus has been intercepted and to the sender stating that an
email got rejected because it contained a virus. Also I need a way to at
least configure the content of those mails send to the recipients. Some
english default text definitly no option. To be honest, I need exactly
the functionality clamav-milter provided before the upgrade and I don't
get the point why those common usecases got removed. Also 'aptitude
upgrade' shouldn't remove functionality from packages without any
notice. I wonder what that notice could have stated.

"You are upgrading clamav-milter to a more recent version. Sorry, you
cannot configure the common usecases anymore and have to stick to
defaults. There is no way for you to get the old behaviour back and we
won't tell you why !"

Really no way to get the old behaviour back without downgrading ?


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