please don't fork javahelper

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Sun Jun 9 17:03:33 UTC 2013

On Sun, Jun 09, 2013 at 06:24:25PM +0200, Thomas Koch wrote:
> Hi Eugenio,
> welcome to the world of Debian and Debian related discussions! I wish you all 
> the best for your project and hope that you'll find the Debian community a 
> welcoming place despite the discussions.
> I've been reading your GSOC application[1] and your announcement to fork 
> javahelper. I'm also working on java related packaging tools (maven-debian-

We've talked a bit about this, Myself, Gergely and Wolodja all very much
agree that it shouldn't be forked, which is a large chunk of this very
small team.

We're keeping a close eye on it, and nothing will be forked without
talking with the rest of the Java team and the maintainers of the tools
involved. After all, Clojure is mostly just Java[*] anyway.

[*]: ok, not java, but JVM, yeah yeah

> helper and maven-repo-helper) and I've lately looked into javahelper and saw 
> some logic duplication between those tools.
> There are many other similar packaging tools for other languages too[3]:
> jh_makepkg, maven-debian-helper, dh-make, dh-make-perl, dh-make-php,
> dh-make-drupal, gem2deb, python-stdeb, haskell-devscripts, dh-lua, ...

(dh_python*, etc)

> I'd actually like to see some of these tools to converge and reuse logic. All 
> of them have to deal with copyright, with the different files in debian/ and 
> need to calculate dependencies.

I agree

> So your plan to fork javahelper and to create just another packaging tool 
> terrified me. Are you really sure that you need to fork javahelper and that you 
> can not extend javahelper for your needs?

Terrified is a bit strong.

There won't be code copies if we can prevent it (it'd have to be really
unexpected at this point) and extend / wrap the existing tool where we can't.


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